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PRO Services in Dubai

Companies in the UAE require the services of a Government Liaison Officer, otherwise known as a Public Relations Officer. Public Relations Officer (PRO) services refer to professional document-clearing services pertaining to processing governmental documents and paperwork. PRO services in Dubai encompass immigration formalities, issuance of business licenses, passport clearance, etc.

The Corporate PRO Services - Dubai

Business setup in Dubai involves legal procedures in accordance with the Department of Economic Development (DED), the Ministry of Labour, Dubai Immigration, and other public departments. PRO services can come in handy if one is new to the corporate milieu in Dubai or doesn’t have considerable experience in the business setup here.

The following are the benefits of PRO services in Dubai

Legal Requirement Many of the tasks under PRO services are legal requirements for all companies and employees in Dubai. Complying with these processes on a timely basis reduces the risk of unnecessary fines or setbacks for a business.

Business Sustainability PRO services have been designed keeping in mind the best interest of a business. Availing PRO services has a positive trickle-down effect on the smoothening of company functions. For instance, in order to legally work in the UAE, an employee from abroad is required to obtain a resident visa and a work permit, which is a prerequisite to open a bank account, sign a residential lease, subscribe to amenities like electricity, and obtain an Emirates ID.

Saving Time Activities associated with PRO services consume substantial time but are nonetheless essential for any company fundamentally. Outsourcing it allows a company to focus better on strengthening its core competencies while leaving the rest to qualified business professionals.

The following are the benefits of PRO services in Dubai

Ideal Business Links can assist you with the following PRO services in the UAE:

● Processing documents in the Immigration, Labour, and other government departments
● Processing Company Immigration Cards and Labour Cards
● Processing new employment visas and their renewal for employees
● Attesting import/export and other legal documents through a public notary
● Intellectual property registration for patent, copyright, and trademark

● Filing for government approvals and obtaining No-Objection Certificates (NOC) from government ministries
● Translating legal documentation to Arabic
● Applying for an industrial or commercial trade license in Dubai and filing for its renewal
● Applying for Ejari (commercial and residential tenancy contract)
● Processing documents from Dubai Municipality and Chamber of Commerce.

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Our PRO services comprise a wide array of professional support services connecting with government ministries and departments, enabling you to effortlessly meet your daily operational formalities, in addition to procuring the required licenses and permitting your business needs. We provide customized PRO services with a dedicated function tailored to your specific business requirements, taking care of all government-related documentation clearance.

We at Ideal Business Links Management Consultants have a team of experts to help entrepreneurs with PRO services in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Should you decide to open a business here, do contact us, even if it’s just for friendly advice.